Lies and damages

April 28, 2011
By Nissa-Marie BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
Nissa-Marie BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
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It’s something that nobody knows about them
It’s something that nobody notices
When they just sit there
And take their criticism
It doesn’t cause bodily harm
It’s only the inside that’s been damaged
There’s nothing you can see
Nothing you can do
When they don’t open up to you
It’s them who are blamed by someone
For something that they had no control over
And over the years
They start to believe their lies too
Even if they were never associated with it
Whenever something goes wrong
They believe it’s themselves to blame
They might come off strong and opinionated
But who’s not to say it’s only a cover
We may think that everything that’s thrown their way
Doesn’t affect the way they think
The way they feel
But we don’t know exactly how bad
All the little things hurt
Abuse isn’t always physical
Something you can see
But just think
Of how damaged you would be
When you dreaded each day
To come home
And face whatever is next to be tossed your way
So when you see someone having a bad day
Be their friend
Their support
And reassure them
That everything will be okay

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