When You Loved Me

January 24, 2008
I warmth of your lips sends chills down my back
The familiar sweet voice calms my mind
The unforgettable touch warms my body
The shoulder always there it catch my tears
The patience that was given
The long nights of talking
The stupid no you hang u first all over again
The beautiful red roses
The sweet nothings whispers in my ear
The perfect fit of our hands
Always knowing you where there
I always counted on you
Your family was mine as mine was yours
The many I love you’s
I unforgettable long nights together
Your beautiful hazel eyes
The days that you were the only one I saw
The times when it felt like this would never end
The days when it was the 2 of us
The pain I felt when I knew it was over
The hurt in my heart and mind
The long nights of tears and blood
Lonely days
Day by day it went by
The yelling and fighting never stopped
The truth of being lonely and forgotten ached my heart over and over again
When those finial words of goodbyes
The painful tears streamed down my red face
I thought of not having you ever again cut worse then the blade
Used for comfort and regret
This is my finial good bye to you

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