Everything she's not.

January 24, 2008
she lets mascara come down her face
her hair falls out of place
she pulls off her fake smile
her mind can't take it

she tries so hard to love life
but good things never seem to stay
everything seems alright
her reflection is the only one who knows it's not

she doesn't understand
how life can be like this
doesn't get why she ruins everything
and how she can be so stupid

all everyone sees is a happy cover
so tough, grown-up
but thats not who she is
or who she wants to be

she's still a little girl
she believes in faries and prince frogs
magic and dreams, wishes and love
she still wishes she could be just that

but when the say starts
she does her hair and applies her make-up
fixes her clothes and looks in the mirror
and sees everything she's not.

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