Where I'm From

January 24, 2008
By Alex Lumpford, Butlerville, IN

Where I'm from pine trees cave the roads with shade,
Water flows from the creek behing the house ,glistening and sparkling,
The hot summer sunshine glares as I play with my brothers and sister.
I'm from listening to the harmony of music coming from jukeboxes at Grandma and Grandpa's,
Always dealing with troubles and struggles that come my way,
Looking for the wishbone on Thanksgiving Day and ripping paper off of presents at Christmas, laughing and enjoying holidays as a happy loving family,
Competing against siblings in a long game of Monopoly.
I am from reconstructing and designing the wonderful home I live in today,
Relaxed for vacation watching the palm trees sway and the waves crash.
I'm from a place of caring friends whom I love to spend every minute with,
I have the dream life and could not ask for any thing more.

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