The Broken

April 27, 2011
By clairbair14 GOLD, Maplewood, New Jersey
clairbair14 GOLD, Maplewood, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"love is blind but friendship closes its eyes"

When life becomes a drought
We migrate to the falls
Of sweet air and cleansing light
Behind the desert cries and calls
Their tears are made of bitter wine
But my heart cannot decide
And when floodgates release fiery rain
My heart is struck inside

The sand asks of my feet a step
Forward looses love, backwards hope is lost
From what I know to what I want
Both ways suffer me the cost
For in the desert of my homeland
They chain me to the rocks
Like a tamed dog who wants its cage
I crave its electric shocks

But those falls entice me, dustless air
A clean start, a fresh slate
The old one scribbled in graffiti lines
In limbo of my restless fate
And of those fickle friends I seek
Those friends called love and lust
Their exoticness tempts my tongue
But old eyes sparkle in deserts dust

I love those who love me not
As flower petals share when I ask
I love those whose care is slightly blocked
Feelings I hide behind a melting mask
Secret yearnings in my soul
To fills it’s hole with the cure of kisses
But heavy air kills fortune with a heave
Those holes lie still in empty wishes

And of what might be on the winding trails
That only heartbeats tread
A mirage of futures to wispy to grasp
Far untouched, my will lies dead
To live in a desert dries one out
But to race to those falls breaks the strain
Left to be lost in the lands of Halfway
To find the end of the labyrinth is in vain

When his smile rips your will
His laughter breaks on cold-cut skin
His eyes a gun that shoot you down
Leaving holes that start within
So of future ones who come and go
You need something you can hold
Instead of dead lies of dried out leaves
Your bond a corpse, deathly cold

In that desert it lies, stretched out on the sand
As I wander away to a hope filled with doom
Past ran away, future won’t stay
And my heart dies alone, a hollow tomb

The author's comments:
This is about when your lost, you feel like nothing will come of anything, I wrote this inspired by the fact that I'm moving and my life is in chaos, but the fact I can move on

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