January 25, 2008
By torieb BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
torieb BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Snow covered the car windows,
as tiny specs of light shown through.

It was December 24,
Christmas Eve.

There had been a horrible blizzard that day
and I vaguely remember anything.

Except one thing.

I remember lying next to my mom
on the side of the road
in the blood filled snow
watching as they put the intoxicated man
in the cop car.

Everything just went by so fast
The flashing lights,
loud sirens,
and dads awful face
when he saw her.

Sometimes I dream
that I am with her again.
And everything is perfect.

Then I wake up.

I wake up to a white pillow
soaked with tears,
and a totaled car in my driveway.
I wake up to a police man
knocking at my door
with handcuffs clutched tightly
in his hands.
What has happened to our nation?

We have destroyed the so called “fantasy life”
We have grown apart, America,
and now we must pick up the pieces.

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Nerdles said...
on Dec. 19 2008 at 5:48 pm
glad to see you posting here. Keep it up. :)


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