Autobiography II

January 25, 2008
You shake your head and roll your eyes
I wonder why I even try.
A mocking smile upon your face
makes me freeze in my place.
I may smile and laugh or make a joke,
but inside I start to choke.
My eyes well up with the sea,
you just stare
without a care.
My mind starts whirling and doesn't stop.
I wish the world would just drop.
Each night, images of your mockery float
to the surface of my mind
its presence so unkind.
I dig myself deep into the hole,
that I've made for my broken soul.
no one know
no one will
How you went for the kill.
How you struck blindly,
the things I hold most clear.
It fell from my hands and into your view.
Where you will turn away
and I'll beg for it each day
You don't know what you are doing,
which makes it all worse.
So I am stuck with a hole and a
suicidal curse.

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