Secret Admirer

April 27, 2011
By jazzyq1 BRONZE, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
jazzyq1 BRONZE, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
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ThE wAy I sEe It, If YoU wAnT tHe rAiNbOw, YoU gOtTa PuT uP wItH tHe RaIn!

I see him walk by
I'm breathless
I dream of him at night
I can't help it
He doesn't know I like him
I don't think
But, when he talks to me
My cheeks turn a reddish-pink

My tongue becomes dry
And my forehead starts to sweat
He would never
Ever ask me out I bet
I'm not his type
And we're not compatible
I'm such a loser
And he's incredible

He has brown hair, brown eyes
And is super kind
He'd never like a girl like me
I must be out of my mind
He probably doesn't even know I exist
But, if he does then
I know he's not interested

Should I tell him how i feel?
Should I let him know the truth?
I'll send this, that's what I'll do
He can't know who I am
But he has to know I'm there
I won't sign it with my name
But with secret admirer

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