January 28, 2008
By Chelsea Chong, Carrollton, TX

I stared at myself all day,

Still not convinced it’s me…

My almond eyes turned into a shade

Of blood red

My smooth wavy brown locks

Formed into an oily strait midnight hair

My eyes were gleaming with blood thirst and hate

Her mouth seemed to snarl at my appearance

I must have been taken aback,

Because the image of me smirked cruelly and mockingly

It stuck out its icy fingers

Grazing me lightly at my shoulders

I shrank back against its cold touch

Recoiling like a pained rattlesnake

It somehow found my pain amusing

It continuously touched me


I continuously ran away

I wish I was strong enough,

I wish I was brave enough,

To put an end to this foolishness,


I didn’t…

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