April 27, 2011
By Rosa Rios BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
Rosa Rios BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
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On a mountain so high
he stands without rest
saying, “Out of all of you,
I am the best.”

He has no motive, no reason, not even a cause
but he whips out his chains, killing kindness with saws
He works all night and all day
hating in the simplest of ways

Dismembering the colored, the different, even the disabled
that’s how he gets by
yet nobody notices his actions
oh my, he’s so sly

And no one is safe
no, there is no escape
You can run, you can hide
but it is you he will find
Yes you, with your chin held so high
You, the one who now closes his eyes
to the beauty the world holds
wow, your heart must be ice-cold

The rush of hate gives you such a new sensation
Yet you forget, you lack education
You slash and you strike thinking you’re so cool
When to everyone else you look like a fool

You crush the innocent without giving a care
You cause a great scene making everyone stare

No one but your kind
you will accept,
Now everyone hates you
well, what did you expect

After all, even the highest of the high must fall
Now it is you, the one who must crawl

You feel the pain, the hurt, the hate
what a poor fellow, with such a terrible fate
And you lie there wondering, “what should I do?”
But it is too little too late
Discrimination has gotten the best of you

The author's comments:
As a Mexican I experience discrimination nearly everyday so I decided to write this poem as a way to show what discrimination does not only to the victims, but also to the perpetrator.

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