The Only Me (Queen)

January 28, 2008
By Stephanie Whitley, Lapeer, MI

"All I ever wanted
Was a pretty pink horsey."
That's the beginning of the story
Of every drama queen.
But I have never been
A homecoming queen model and
If I ever did,
I'd probably shoot myself in the head.
All the pretty dresses
That you can't make a mess in
Never appealed to my senses,
Not even once.
You see, I'm a free spirit,
And I don't like to hear it
When people say, "Don't push the limits",
Because I was born
To push buttons and break rules,
Make authority look like fools,
And keep doing what I do.
I do me.
The one person that you can't be.
I live hard and push the limits of sanity.
So don't hate.
Every morning brings a new day
With new ways
For me to break another mold,
And ignore what I'm told
A young lady should be,
Because I'm just doing me.
I never had a dream
Of becoming a prom queen.
I was always the outcast,
Living hard and driving fast,
Smiling as I drive past you,
Knowing you wish that you could do
Exactly what I'm doing,
But thinking that it'll ruin
Everything you've worked to be.
So I'm still the only me.

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