Black Flame

January 28, 2008
By Rchatrd Corbett, Atlanta, GA

I am Black Flame releasing fire from my vocal cords
I hold death on the tip of my tongue
Yes I’m young
But my wisdom decipher these hieroglyphics of life
I change history with every breath given
So my life is self written by my god living
I show pain in my name because I’m criticized by many
But my mental is far more superior than plenty I’m not a follower it’s more of the opposite
Melodic notes that I rain they contain
Knowledge for humanity
I anchor my feelings in the oceans of emotions
Watch the deepest of the motions
As I turn the page of destiny
While my music standing next to me
Watch me paint a picture with graffiti from the pen
With my poetry within
I am Black Flame
Yes I’m lyrical a miracle to this spherical
An amazing individual
I am Black Flame

My poetic energetic words can’t be tamed one a kind intertwined inside the vines of time
Watch as I unwind the past present and future
I am Black Flame
-Much Love-
Richard Q. Corbett

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