A trainwreck or a master piece

January 28, 2008
By Kristcha Deguerre, Ballston Spa, NY

A trainwreck or a master piece
Cant you see that I'm really not me?
I'm just a memory of use to be

Whats the use in the world spinning?

I think that I am crying tonight, but like you are these tears fake to?

I'm simple you see inside im hollow nothing more to me

Like the single brown and yellow leaf on a dead tree
Waiting for that right wind to set it free

The girl at the edge of the of cliff is me

Going to give my self to the rocks and the sea

Going to fall like a bird with out wings

trying to keep my brain on other things
waves crashing against the rocky walls..thoughts crash down on my mind
feeling like the empty shell you left behind
footprints in the sand washed away
the ones that were there from a better day

the wind blows a new age
the dawn of this unacquainted rage

this thought drives me insane
the car crashes of the bridge
a rainy night....but we all know it was a purposeful flight

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