April 27, 2011
By Hypersonic BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Hypersonic BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Funny how the species
referred as superior to all others
because of its intelligence
is still deafened by the authority
of chemical reactions
and primitive instincts.

Intelligence allows us
to constantly advance farther
from a fate of animalism.
Yet we can’t shake the feeling
that the results it yields
take us too far
from our origins.

Think about how fast
we could technologically advance
if the subjects of our
media and culture
didn’t all revolve around the illogical
thing called happiness.

The two traits that mark
the human race:
innovation and emotions,
are like land and sea.
We’re afraid of heights,
We shiver at great depths.
But no matter which path
we take, we bring the other.
A way of comfort
that erodes or traps our potential.

Our existence is like an
unfunded Rocket ship.
We can choose
to venture farther into
the void of unknown, of knowing.
Or gravitate back to our
comfy home life,
being too afraid of all
our gas running out.

Law would not have to exist
if our feelings were
completely acceptable
in a progressive society.
If indulgence is the
antithesis to success,
why do we prioritze on
peace in life after death?

Ironic how the people
who are most familiar
with the imperfections
of a world based on
happiness (Or lack of it),
are the ones with the most
power, and posess
the most flagrant things
to show it.

It’s often said that
sometime in the future,
society will be ruled
by robots.

I find this perfectly plausible.
But the cold, remorseless fists
of a purely efficient machine
will be one covered in flesh.

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