For a Love of the Game

January 28, 2008
By Jay Tackett, Versailles, KY

Dad said it’d build character,
Mom said it’d teach lessons,
I thought it’d make me money,

all three of us were wrong.

I sit in the middle of the field,
thinking how much I hate my job.
I watch one kid remove his shoe,
running at another player,
he gives the other player a face
full of cleat.
I won’t call anything,
just to amuse me.

I think back,
years of this job,
working all day,
sitting in the heat,
ruining good Saturdays.

“Hey ref, you suck!”
“Why thank you sir”
They’re all idiots. I smirk
at their ignorance,
no comprehension of this game.

I stand in the middle of the field,
beside a heap of fighting 8 year olds,
and screaming coaches,
I hate my job.

I look back at the game,
amidst the pile tussling of 8 year olds,
I stand there enjoying what
I’ve caused by doing nothing.

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