When things are to the end

January 28, 2008
By Marcea Say, Fort Worth, TX

When things are to the end,
Dont you worry 'cause I'll be your friend.
Through good times and bad,
My care I will send.
Not in a bag,
Not in a box.
It wont be akward,
(No ticking of clocks!)
Maybe you feel,
That this is the end.
Im just letting you know,
I am your friend.
Let out your feelings,
And I will show my care.
I really promise you,
That I will be there.
Keep your head up,
Look deep in the croud.
Know that I,
Will be cheering for you loud.
When there is a problem,
And you need a friend,
I will be there for you,
Right until the end.

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