What Lies Downhill

April 20, 2011
By Zoroaster BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
Zoroaster BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
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I am a young
Running downhill
I crash off
Stone and
Mold it to my

Mine for me
I hush
All that see

I flow down
I pass by trees
And soil and grass
And leaves,
I flow round
Obstacles with ease

Until that is
My fast paced flow
Is slowed by other life
As I touch their lives I nourish them
With life giving water
From strife

They pull from me
What they need
And I give more and more
As I slow and flow
A dirty brown is me
Full of silt, down I go

Closer to the place I seek
I widen and grow fat
Behind me lies a swath of forest
Growing from my lot
I meander in soft curves
I seem to lose my resolve
My passion has flowed into flower
Life’s meaning I cannot solve

I’m full of oxbows with my body so stagnant
I feel very close to an end malignant
I flowed from high down to low, north towards the south
Where did my passion go? I flow from my mouth
Into a cold, deep sea—is this the end for me?
All I did was flow and grow

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