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April 20, 2011
By Zoroaster BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
Zoroaster BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
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Oh bright future
I look to thee
In times of sorrow
And of need

There will be so
Many streetlights
That they will be able
To block stars
And light my paths
Through day and night
So I will never
Have to sleep

There will be a
Walmart, of course,
On every corner
So I can
Always get what
I always want
And I won’t have to
Work so hard.

Instead of rides
In the country
I can just stay home
And plug in
To flashy sets
That bring vacation
Home to me.

There will be so
Much space for me
Then too, for all the
Trees will be cut
Down like so much
Waste upon the earth,
So it is open
For me to roam.

Instead of the
Earth I can look
And marvel at all
I have done
The land in one
Fell stroke, like a Grim
Reaper, I
Will sit on my

And only then
I will be at ease,
Knowing in my
Heart that I
Have finally
Made the planet
My own, and made all
The things mine,
Until there is
Nothing left.

Oh bright future
You come here fast
But not fast enough
For my need.

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