Everything is alright

January 28, 2008
Everything is alright
She's so in love,
In his arms,
She feels safe,
Happy, beautiful in his arms,
She has relief

Everything is alright,
Or so to her it seemed,
He's sneeking behind her back,
Always seen with other girls,
He tells her she's not good enough,
So she lies, broken hearted on her floor,
She wants relief

Everything is wrong,
She's lost all faith in love,
The words blead from his lips,
Now echo in her mind,
"I'm not good enough." she whispers
As she stares into her reflection,
Sheading tears and pounds,
She needs relief

Everything is wrong,
She now struggles through her days,
This girl is invisable to all,
So she lays solid, helpless on the ground,
She's been crying for hours,
The pain just wont stop,
So from her dresser she lifts a blade,
And bites her lip as the rose blood flows,
She feels relief

Everything is wrong,
As she downs another shot
With each sip she becomes less aware,
She's lost her mind,
The bloods still flowing down,
Her skeleton frame's shaking,
Shes stumbling around,
She needs relief

Everything is wrong,
So she's made a plan,
To run from her fears,
She's written her mind,
And layed everything out,
She fallows through and goes to rest,
She has relief

Everything is wrong,
As we moarn in black,
Above her precious grave,
He falls to his knees and lays six feet above,
Her solid, helpless corpse,
All she wanted was relief

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