Am I?

April 28, 2011
By soccersnooch SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
soccersnooch SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Am I suppose to believe
That the wind and the breeze
That flow through the trees
Will take away my masked pain
And am I suppose to know
That in the clouds up high
Drifting through the dark night sky
Hide the memories
that left me with scars
long long ago
Am I suppose to think
that the friends who come and go
Don’t want me to know
The secrets they whisper
When facing my back
And am I one to promise
That when the hands of the clock
Continue to tock
That I will still be here
To ask what’s wrong
And am I one to ask
When the stars start to fade
In the lowest of low grade
Is this who you really want to be
Or are you doing this to please me
Or am I one to say
As long as the sun sets and moon rises
Come with shocking surprises
To just never let go
And to keep your arms around me forever
Until the tide sets low
And the summer comes with snow
Am I?

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