first kiss

January 29, 2008
By emily kon, St Louis, MO

stared at him from across the room
with a longing deep inside
she'd wanted him for so long
but, it was never the right time.
she tried to concentrate on having fun
this was supposed to be the best night of her life
and as her body glided across the dance floor
her mind was thinking why here? why tonight?
she couldnt handle the pain anymore
the tears were swelling in her eyes
and as was turned to walk out the door,
he caught her, by suprise
she was locked in his soft embrace
he was captivated by her smile
he asked her, "would you like to dance,
it has been awile"
he didnt wait for her reply
he just swept her off her feet
how could this be real?
maybe it was just a dream...
gracefully they moved as one
thier bodies pressed together
this is better than what shed always hoped for
if only this moment could last forever
her arms were draped around his neck
his lightly around her waist
he mummered "you are beautiful"
as he gently stroked her face
thier eyes locked in a passionate gaze
as he pulled her closer in
it seemed as if the whole world dissapeared
the music softened....lights were dim
her heart was racing....burning...soaring
as she leaned in for her first kiss
she closed her eyes and waited
for him to press his mouth against her lips.
desperatly she grasped his hair,
pulling him even closer
she couldnt let this moment end
wouldnt allow this be over
he was all she ever wanted
dreamed or thought about
and in that moment she felt alive
no more fears, worries...doubts
that night he looked at her
like she was his whole world
"finally", she thought
"i can be his girl"
they stayed like that for hours
in each others arms
it was the greatest high on earth
being captivated by his charm
they barely realized
the time flying by
and before she even knew it
it was time to say goodnight
he walked her to the doors
and kissed her one last time
he looked upon her glowing face
and her bright shining eyes
they went their seperate ways
she was the happiest shed ever been
because she knew in her soul
she would be seeing him again

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