You said

January 29, 2008
As I'm sitting on my bed
These thoughts fill my head
I'm trying to decide
Why it was that you lied

You said you'd always love me
Never put another above me
You said I was yours forever
And you would hurt me never

You said I was your world
I'd always be your girl
You told me you'd be mine
Until the end of time

All these words you said
Keep running through my head
With each lie that you told
You added to the mold

The web of lies you spun
Have finally come undone
All the tears I cried
They have all been dried

My heart was broken into
Because you were untrue
You forgot the lines to your act
And I didn't know how to react

You were the actor deceipt was the floor
Now it's time to settle the score
The lies kept getting deeper
You took my heart like the grim reaper

All that time we shared
I was dumb and unaware
That every word you said
Would bring more pain and dread

I never thought that you
The one I thought was true
Would end up just a fake
Who would make my heart break

You were just a false pretense
Now this is all making sense
But it's better that I know
You turned out to be a joke

You said everything I needed to hear
You took away my every fear
Then you ended it so bittersweet
The expectations I could not meet

Oh well, I guess life goes on
This is the dark before the dawn
Tomorrow is a brand new day
Too bad you threw it all away

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