The Darkness poem

January 28, 2008
By Cody Wolff, Mattawan, MI

This is the hour that the light
burns out of the sky, like a
lantern out of oil.
This is the time when children's nightmares
become a reality.
As the candle starts to flicker and fade away, the last of the glow, dancing on
the wall like a grand ball.
Was there ever a time in which the shadows stopped moving,
and the fear stepped out of the heart.
Was there ever a time when the monster
under the mattress wasn't there, gone like the parent that should have been there.
The time passes like an eternity, just there in the dark, waiting. Just waiting.
Waiting for the sounds of the day, to slowly creep in your window, and spill out all over the floor, like some one cracking open an egg.
Then there comes the birds, sining a sad, sweet melody.
There song piercing my heart, cutting through my saggy eyes, but yet lifting my spirits.

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