A Poem Is Supposed To Go Here….

January 29, 2008
By Avalon Starcher, Shoreline, WA

Something is supposed to go here
So poor audience
I do fear
That I couldn’t think of anything to write

On the coast I sit
The day passes by
At home, my brother throws a fit
My mom screams ‘cause she’s sick of it

I am darkness
And I can consume
All of the light
In a single room

I walk in the light
I see my friends
They start to fight
But, I know they’re joking

A dragon roars
I look to the sky
And I see a phoenix soar
It’s a beautiful sight

I am weird
I am tired, and I wonder
The beard, will it be shaved?
Or, will it be saved?

My brother’s transformer
Is his favorite toy
I guess it’s because
He’s a strange little boy

Don’t run away
I still want to talk
About all this random stuff
You can just sit and gawk

Dance like no one’s there
Sing but don’t swear
Going crazy
Being lazy

This is my poem
Nothing more
Hope that I can think
Of something, well more.

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