In Minor

January 29, 2008
By Julianna Hurtado, Carrollton, TX

I am letting go of the ghost haunting my every move
I refuse to be kept down in this state of surrender

Abandoned, then solely living as your failure; I have a scar
It is time to put an end to the searing pain

You asked me why I was quiet
I watched you inject yourself with the virus to slow down your thoughts
If only I was enough to lull you back into a sound mind

You asked me why I wanted to be alone
I looked towards you; I only see two pools of black wander aimlessly
It scares me how everyone says I have your eyes

You asked me why I didn’t invite anyone over
I lost sanity as I tried to drown the sounds of your perpetual sickness
I will never let them see you weak

You asked me why I confronted you
I am now better than your forlorn attempts to ignore my developing mind
I can’t stay quiet for much longer

You asked me why I slammed the door
I need space; you know all about that; your darkened room was always
too exclusive
I can’t let you deny me the seclusion you longed for, as I once longed
for you

You asked me why I was never home
It wasn’t long before a surge of wisdom was bestowed upon me, I became
Universal power recalled shadows that once lingered over my presence

Born a woman of perplexing splendor and endearing love,
You treasured me in your own dysfunctional ways

Worn away by the wicked of your time,
Nothing could have prepared you for the birth of your first child

Demons chased after you, If only you could shine
A light such as yours could have been detonating to your inhibition

I live as the only witness to your blockaded heart
Still, I search for the mechanism to tear down the walls that kept me

You asked me if I loved you
I feel you everyday
Together we form the same minor song
Echoing through the winds beneath us

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