Not adding up

January 29, 2008
My math skills are mediocre best
But all these variables in the equation
Make it hard to figure you out

To solve for x

I multiplied
The number of times we talked
By how long the conversations were

I added
The days we spent together
With how often you could make me smile

I divided
The times you said “I love you, I need you”
By how many times I thought you really meant it

I subtracted
The times you left for her
From how much I depended on you

I solved
The feelings I have for you
But yours just didn’t add up

Therefore x equals factoring you out

Please correct me if I’m wrong
You probably just missed a sign or two
But the numbers don’t lie
Our feelings never intersect

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TearDrops said...
May 21, 2011 at 7:03 pm
geez, this is so great. i love the whole theme of it. i know exactly how this is. you spend all your days dreaming about them, and then they just break your heart. :(
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