Maybe you were my dream come true

January 29, 2008
By Kayleigh Whitman, Wilton, IA

Maybe you were my dream come true
On and on it was only you
Only you could see the real me
And only I could see the real you

Once upon a time it was all a fairytale
Maybe there is a happy ever after
But will you be the one it's with
I can only dream of you and me

But I know as time goes on
We may someday change our minds
I won't be what you want anymore
I'll be just another person in your past

I've dreamt of us together for a long time
Of what your lips would be like on mine
Just to feel the warmth of you on my skin
To feel your heartbeat next to mine

To lie in the grass together under the stars
it would be a fairytale in my eyes
Fairytale in my eyes
Happily ever after

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