Tears of the Fallen

January 29, 2008
Walking all alone in the rain,
The sky dark and my head in pain,
The world around me is covered in sorrow,
And it will all come again tomorrow,
I step in water unknown of what’s next,
Until the earth stops and I step into the vortex,
Deepened Memories come from in my mind,
While the monsters come from way behind,
I can’t begin with just simple words,

I must begin with musical chords,
For something like this can’t be said,
So I must stand and sing instead,
My world filled with darkened thoughts,
Turns while time never stops,
I walk alone and sing theses words,
While playing these simple chords,
And in my mind these memories play,
The world I live in will never stay,

There children here on earth,
Of whom need to be saved,
The tears of the fallen,
Release the sorrow onto a different plain,
And deep inside the hearts shine,
Through the darkest state of mind,
In the world of sorrowed saints,
The church bells ring for those forgiven,
And in my head a voice speaks,

There are tears of the fallen,
Those who must be saved,
Play your music,
And Let them follow,
Bring them forth,
So all must bow,
Into the hands that those shall cry,
And shed the tears,
And let them shine.

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