Do you ever feel so small

January 29, 2008
Do you ever feel so small
and lifeless like a doll?

Do you ever feel insane
when the anger inside you burst through your veins
and you can’t hold it in any longer,
how can you become stronger?

Do you ever feel you hate your life
and perhaps you should end it with a knife?

Do you feel trapped inside a world of hate
and begin to wonder if you have a fate?

Do you find yourself alone again and again,
and you enter your own world that is pretend?

Do you feel all you do is try and try
but all you really do is die more inside?

Do you ever wonder why no one seems to care
and your heart fills up with so much despair?

Well these are feelings some people may endure in life,
sometimes it is just one really big strife.

But you got to fight to make it through,
or else these feelings will get the best of you.

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