That Lullaby

January 29, 2008
By Meghann Hickey, Abington, MA

As he peeled out again
She clung to her ipod
Her teddy bear of music
A childlike comfort

She found that song with those words
And that singer with the voice
That vibrated into her shaking heart
Who sang fairytales of true love

Familiar chords entered the airwaves
That voice crooned her to a calm
She was encased in those words’ warm embrace
A security blanket of rhythm and rhyme

That song was her last hope
A lullaby to her broken dreams
Scared the closet monsters of self doubt
With a nightlight of clichéd melodies

That voice spoke to her lonely heart
Like a preacher to the choir
She counted on that voice for everything
To pacify her fear of being alone

But as that song wound down
The drums slowed, the guitars mellowed
The real world slapped her in the face

She realized all too late
Her dreams sank fast with titanic proportions
No song would tell her why he didn’t care

The child within her departed with a whisper:
You’re not her
You’ll never be good enough for him
Stop waiting for that lullaby to carry you away

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