Confidence tricks the mind

January 24, 2008
By Dakota Etley, Seattle, WA

Confidence tricks the mind
State of false security, of false comfort
Of the droning buzz of the television
Sucking the focus from those naïve to its draining power
Pressure slowly builds
Uncomfortable tension
Blurry surroundings
Eyes constantly twitching in anticipation
And yet senses sharpen
Consciousness of intelligence, of ability, of time
Of the gentle ticking of a clock
Ticking sounds turn to hammering in their essence
Time turns with more vehemence
Picking up intensity, it strides with relentless strength
Pressure’s torturous viscosity seems to build with more celerity
Lose patience in the wake of building pressure
Impatient fidgeting evolves
Frantic twitching results
Pressure accelerates further
Blinding frustration begins to overwhelm
Pressure races with sharp intensity
Heart pounding
Engulfing, sheathing, shrouding of all senses
Knees buckling
Sick with anxiety
Filled with gut wrenching worry
Pangs of exhaustion and empty hunger
Hunger for completion, hunger for rest
Concentration is lost in hopeless realization
Pressure ceases in this hopeless epiphany
Admit defeat to time’s fantastic power
Give in to exhaustion
Relaxation courses through the mind
Swift, powerful movement of action
Everything slackens, relaxes
Everything falls, weakens
One fades into a silent recession
Rests with a heavy burden
Awakens with a heavier one
The vicious cycle prays at its next victim.

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