April 19, 2011
By Heartyf04 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
Heartyf04 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
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As I stare at you by the window pane,
I would remember all those times we spend that remain,
In the memories of a girl and her most favorite friend,
In my mind I cherish memories of all that we spend,
Through all those times you kept me warm,
Especially in the dark nights when I felt I was in harm,
We had shared laughs and played together,
Oh how I wished those days would last forever,
You’ve given me so much even though you weren’t real,
But in my imagination will be real as how I feel,
You never betrayed me not one bit,
You just stay by my side peacefully and sit,
Beautiful pink color so fluffy and cuddly,
Until one day you wore so suddenly,
But never so did you leave me,

That’s why my lovely bear friend for all time will be…

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