Why can't she save him?

April 21, 2011
By nolle94 BRONZE, Schinveld, Other
nolle94 BRONZE, Schinveld, Other
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Why can't she save him?
He's on the verge of breaking down, everybody with eyes can see that, but nobody's helping him. He's just clinging on the edge, hoping someone will save him. He doesn't scream, doesn't shout. It looks like he's given up. He gave up on everyone and everything. Even on the girl he loves most. That's all she could read in his eyes. Nothing more, nothing less.
She wants to help. Help him with all of her heart, her strength and her soul. But how can you help someone, when you are too, on the verge of breaking down and letting go?
That is all she wanted and needed to know. If she helped him up, would she fall down? Could she trust him with her life? And would he trust her with his?
That would be their only chance, their only hope of living. Will they take it?

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