Mother Forgive Us

April 21, 2011
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Virgin Sullied by modern man
Can't help but wonder if this was all a plan
To remain pure and diligent
For greed oh so vigilant
To get fat and happy without remorse
Thousands of voices silenced, no recourse
Smoke rises above all clouds
Ash settles like a burial shroud
Choking all turning ditches to graves
And turning corpses to cash in the wallets of the deprave
My question to you wise old mother
When are you going to stop them from making blood out of water
Sorry mother now i understand
Sacrificing yourself to show the folly of man
But isn't there another way
Then making this your final day
I see please forgive me
For any added heresy
4 and a half billion years in pain
I hope it wasn't all in vain
Mother let me say a final tearful goodbye
And hold your hand until you die
Hope these monkeys see all of what you've done
And it was form them that you suffered so long
In loving memory
I dedicate my heretical savagery

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