my confusing boyfriend

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

my birthday yay!
I'm so glad I'm so happy.
my crush asked me out
I'm so glad i said yes.
we already went out with hI'm before,
but hes never acted like this.
ever since my birthday that first kiss again, hes been acting strange and he is even being really annoying and very rude.
i want hI'm to go back to normal.
i need hI'm to be normal again.
he said "i wanted to surprised you, and make you happy"
well i say that he failed on it.
I'm not THAT surprised, but i wish he keeped his promise.
all I'm saying is that so my confusing boyfriend would get back to normal then then ill be OK, but i still love hI'm, i don't want to make a bad decision of breaking up with hI'm.
all i know is that we all need to listen to are hearts
well i still love my confusing boyfriend more than anything

The author's comments:
i need help so if you have any suggestions please help(: thanks

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