The Serpentine Confession

April 6, 2011
By daaan BRONZE, Martinsville, New Jersey
daaan BRONZE, Martinsville, New Jersey
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In honoring my lawlessness, I’d like to give a toast
To smiles of forged sincerity, for they’ve done for me the most;
But to those who honor flawlessness, I solely intend to boast,
For even through deficiency, I’ve been honored as your host.

Fully aware is me, of this objection to His Highness,
But in actuality, perfection is a minus.
Put stars into alignment, set bars to their confinement;
Encumbering homogeny – a universe androgynous.

In all that is contrived, in all that has been fake,
Of all that I’ve connived, I’ve had little to forsake.
My apple of thine eye, the apple of the snake,
But after thy demise, my sentence is at stake.

They say that less is more, though maybe more or less;
But if heartless at the core, by what means can I redress?
Deeds deemed as blight, but for all I can confess,
Stir in me delight. Might I shun His caress?

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