The lost soul

April 5, 2011
By FuelToTheFire BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
FuelToTheFire BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Just another lost soul
A lost cause
No one cares
No one listen
No ones sees
All they see is a dirty old bum
A beggar
A drunk

They don't know his story
Yet they judge
You won't even give him the time of day!
Do you know who he is?
He's the man that went mad
The man that saved you're life
The man that gave you freedom
The man that fought the war so you won't have to!

Why is he in the streets you may ask?
Why is he not a hero?
He resorted to drinking when he came back
It was the only way he could forget
The horrible things he saw
The horrible things he did

He shot him, a young child
No older than 6
A beautiful little boy
With his whole life ahead of him!
That little boy had a bomb
There, strapped to his chest
A bomb!
Those b******* sent him out there
Hoping he would make it and kill them all
But the soldier did his job
He shot the little boy
He killed the little boy
And as the boy lay dying so did the soldier
So now he drinks
Now he drowns his painful agony in alcohol
In Jack, Whisky, Vodka
You name it
He drinks
That hero now a dirty drunk
That soldier now a drunk bum
That man is now a zombie
A part of the walking dead

The author's comments:
You only see the cover don't judge the content.

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