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April 13, 2011
By Jalbrecht14 BRONZE, Aspinwall, Pennsylvania
Jalbrecht14 BRONZE, Aspinwall, Pennsylvania
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“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on.” - Robert Frost

Josephine Alexis.
I've always secretly wondered what type of person comes to mind when someone hears my name. Even if they don't know me, or have never seen me, I still wonder. Do they see a weak little girl, or maybe someone sporty? Do they see a straight, wavy, curly, blonde, brunette, silky, or thick hair? Are there images of an american, hispanic, french, or german girl? I'll never know, because I already have matched my name with my face and personality. I am Josephine Alexis.
I was named after my dad and I never liked that much. It made me feel like a boy, since my parents were hoping for one anyways. I was supposed to be the fourth generation of Joseph Harold Albrechts, but what did they get? Josephine Alexis Albrecht. That's me.
I have a lot of nicknames. Josie, Jos, Jo, Jai, and many more that people tend to make up on the spot. I like them most of the time, because Josephine is too much of a hassle to say everytime someone wants me. It doesn't spill off the tongue easily. I'd much rather have a friend or family member call me by one of the shorter versions of my name, even though it doesn't have the same meaning. Either way, I'm still Josephine Alexis Albrecht. That's my name.
I don't even know what the meaning of my name means anyways. I've looked it up numerous times and every website says the same thing. "God Will Increase". What is that supposed to say about me? Is that an incomplete sentence or something of that sort? What exactly is God increasing? I guess it doesn't matter that much, since I'm always going to be Josephine. I know that because it's stamped on my birth certificate, and I don't think I can change it.
I wouldn't want to change my name anyways. It's followed me my whole entire life, and it's what I've always gone by, even if people have shortened it. Josephine, Josie, Jos, Jo, Jai, the list goes on forever. I can't just take up a new name out of the blue. If I wasn't a fan of my name, I wouldn't pick some other name and make it my own. I'm not sure of what people think when they hear my name, even if they're completely strangers, but I know one thing, and that is when I hear the name Josephine Alexis, I see my face and I remind myself of who I am. That's exactly who I am, Josephine Alexis Albrecht.

The author's comments:
Who am I? Josephine Alexis Albrecht.

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