A Long Road

April 30, 2011
By LukeL. SILVER, Nunn, Colorado
LukeL. SILVER, Nunn, Colorado
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"Asking a question you dont know the answer to is easy, knowing the answer but not how to ask the question is hard."

I keep moving

Never looking back for the fear of what is there

Not a day goes by it forgets to follow

Cunning of the animal it lurks waiting to pounce

How I worked to keep it at bay

Never far behind no matter what I say

I run I hide to no prevail

To smart for me it always was

The minutes went to hours

The hours to years

In the end they add up

The end in sight

With the beast closing in

I wondered why my life came to this end

Reading my simple mind

The answer I received was not what I wanted to hear

It said to me

You chose this path and now it is on you to find a new way

Life’s a long road there will be many turns

Take care to choose the right one

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