Will It Get Better OR Worse?

April 25, 2011
By , Corry, PA
At this time
I'm in a struggle
I have a mother that just had a heart attack
I have a father that is on the path
I have a grandmother who is on the path of death even though she's seventy-eight and she is doing much better after a couple weeks of fate
I hate that we have to live like this
Like dust floating around in mid-air
not knowing where you're going
but you know you're going somewhere
even if it is the place you don't want to be
I am just being knocked down
not knowing how this will play out
will it get better or worse?
I go to sleep with this question and wake back up with it
I am lost at this point
confused, wandering aimlessly

Damaged inside and out with pain
drowning me in every way possible
Will this get better or worse? I hope it will get better because worse it not okay with me
I need help is anyone willing to lead?

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