The Summer Heat

March 24, 2008
The blistering Summer heat sears your skin,
You grab a popsicle and it melts quickly in the heat of the day,
You become frustrated and furiously toss the slushy popsicle aside,
Your dog walks over and starts lapping up the popsicle.

Sitting on an old rusty bench,
Pondering on how much longer the heat will last,
When suddenly you hear a boom in the sky,
Down the rain comes from the rare cloud in the sky,



Screaming with happiness and glee,
You run out onto your lawn,
Letting the rain soak into to your bones,
Coolness and comfort rage throughout your body,
Soon you feel the true cold of this scarce storm,
Briskly walking for the house,
You wait for the next sweltering Summer day.

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