April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Childhood is:
when boys would fight and girls made pretty fairy tales,
the time when “best” meant who could climb the playground rails,
Childhood is:
when boys would bully girls who made them stutter and blush,
a place where no one yelled at you and hurried you to rush,
Childhood is:
the somewhere land, that no child would ever dream to leave,
a load of gifts, for things that children dream to achieve,
Childhood is:
the heaven that adults can forever covet,
when food was prize to everyone, not paper in one’s large wallet,
Childhood is:
short and unremembered in a new adult’s mind,
photo albums, waiting for a certain someone to find,
Childhood is:
-and this is better, where one is just real and true,
the life we lived with you in me, and me in you.

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