Your Habits Kill Me

April 4, 2011
By , portland, OR
How come everytime I talk you dont listen?
I've tried everything but I'm about to give in,
Do what you have always desired,
If being mine was a job you'd be fired.
All your drugs are driving me insane,
You're addicted to the weed and cocaine.
I told you if it happened again I'd leave,
How many times do I have to say please,
Stop throwing your life away?
Now I really do want to stay.
But I cant with you doing drugs,
Its pretty bad when I cant give you hugs
Without smelling weed on your shoulders,
When I smell that smeel it feels like to boulders,
Hit me upside the head,
Maybe I'll jus die instead.
Is that what you want me to do?
Don't lie. tel me the g****** truth...

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