My one and single confidant

April 21, 2011
By hcohen925 PLATINUM, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
hcohen925 PLATINUM, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Burned into hidden words, are where all my secrets lie
Escaping from my mind to pen, buried deep inside
Emotions, scars, and memories listed one by one
My thoughts, an endless stream it seems, soon to be undone
Recording every moment, the map inside my mind
Reveals more than meets the eye, surprised by what you find
Recollections vary, retold from my point of view
Trying to evoke the truth, but in time some are skewed
Throughout these pages, it is simple to find my heart
This single thing prevents me from coming all apart
It is treasured and protected, private and concealed
My one, single confidant, will never be revealed

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