An Untold Story Lies Asleep

December 8, 2007
By Dayana Rodriguez, Houston, TX

An untold story lies asleep. The world goes on oblivious. Afterall I am a nobody, afterall, i only dream. My mind is all my own, the thoughts to me are whisps of heaven. I fly. I fall. Come down to earth, they whisper. Their voices are cold. My story goes untold.
The words are naked, the ones in the jouranals. The truth is hard to bear, they wallow in desair.

Melencholy and pale my life goes on. I try, i really do. To be like them is just so hard. See, they don't see the glow, oh, they will never know.
Untill one day i'm done. life cannot be this way. i try to unlock it, but its gone with the clouds. no. it cannot be. i have now drowned into the realms of normality.

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