December 8, 2007
By Aditi Bajaj, Thane (W), ZZ

Imagine a girl with nice eyes,
a pretty face and a laugh filled with hue,
with hair that in the wind flies,
that girl could be in you.

Imagine a flower in full bloom,
just outside the doors,
with beautiful petals and a nice perfume,
that sort of personality could be yours.

Imagine a powerful and witty mind,
with hard to open doors,
with thoughts and philosophy of the time ahead and the time left behind,
that scientific mind could be yours.

Imagine a strong and bold character,
yet filled with laughter and hue,
and loved by all together,
that character could be in you.

now clasp this girl, personality, mind and character into one person,
a person perfect from every angle and aspect,
a person who from the world gets respect,
that person is you.

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