I Hate It

December 8, 2007
By Whitney Hardyman, Lexington, KY

I hate it
sitting in a outdoor booth
if she'll be put back in ICU
then i feel guilty
because today is 12:38 am
and in less then 9 hours
I'll be trying for a future
guilty that i dont want
this all to be happening
over and over again
what will i do
when they tell me
to go home alone
she didn't tell me
it was this bad
till i got home from a party
when the white crest doors
look so erie and hurtful
the nurse looks like its nothing
another patient to sit in those rooms
why God, did you decide
to give me this hell
I'm so cold, alone and afraid
that today the reaper comes knocking
my mother will say her last breaths
and i'll go home alone
god at this dark dreary night
i wont let this be her night
too cold and alone
i cant go back in that hospital
because its colder in there
then out here
it recks of death
and frights me all the same
my mother alone in pain
and i'm useless.

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