Can't Help but Wonder

December 7, 2007
By Paola Lopez-Beltran, San Diego, CA

I can't help but wonder,
"what is beyond death?",
is there a heaven? what is it like?
I can't help but wonder.

Wouldn't it be wonderful that there was an "After"? if you've accomplished your goals on earth , wouldn't you be wonderful if everything didn't end here?, that there is a beyond?

I believe there is an "after", you might believe differently, because your parents tought you differently than mine. But I do not believe in everything my family says, I have my own believes, my own expectations, my own goals, and my own life. Be free and believe what you want to believe, because if you live attached on what others say, how are you going to become an indepentent person?. Think about it? What about you? what are your believes? what do you think about life?

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