I Hope

December 7, 2007
By Heaven Wheeler, Darby, PA

You kissed a boy,
and he kissed you back.
You swore that it,
would end at that.
But now there's a problem,
you're beginning to show.
Try to hide it,
don't want anyone to know.
Baggy clothes,
say it's getting cold.
Lot's of stress,
say you're getting old.
You tell him,
be he denies.
You are heartbroken,
tears flow from your eyes.
He says "You're lying,
it's not mine."
He says this,
knowing he was my only time.
He avoids you,
as you proceed.
helping you with nothing,
that you and baby need.
It is too much,
for you to take.
Time for this decision,
made to fix your mistake.
"I hope they love you,
as much as I.
We will meet,
when it is time."
You leave her,
with a hug and that thought.
As a note on the end,
"I'm sorry your father and I fought"

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