Tell Me Now...Just in Case

December 7, 2007
By jamesha harris, Milledgeville, GA

What if you never got to say sorry,

What if today was the last day you would ever hear from me?

What if you never got the chance to show how much you care,

What if you had to realize that I wont always be there?

What will you do when my smile becomes a faded memory,

What will you say when the twinkle in my eye you can no longer see?

How will you breathe when my hugs and kisses are no longer real,

How will you live when my touch, you will never again feel?

Where will you go when my shoulder isn't there for you to lay your head upon,

What will you think about as you remember us just having fun?

What will you do when you notice I'm not around,
What if a person like me could never be found?

Although these thoughts might make you cry just think,

………. What if you never got to say good bye?

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